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New documentation on GCC Bare-Metal toolchain for Blackfin.

For those who are interested in Open Source tools - there is a whole new documentation available for GCC Bare-Metal toolchain (bfin-elf-), in the Wiki: 

Since it is meant for standalone systems (similar to what Visual DSP++ environment provides) I thought of posting it here as well. I have attached a PDF extract of the pages (Wiki text is much better though).

I have written this from scratch over a short period of time, so it is pretty much a preliminary release (probably requires some more refining). It has been written with the perspective of a user new to GCC toolchain & perhaps to Blackfin itself. Feel free to send me an email or post question in the Open Source forum, if you have any comments. I would like to thank Mike Frysinger in Open Source team for his expert comments and reviews.