various errors when building the toolchain

I'm trying to build the toolchain from source and I keep getting errors.

I've checked out u-boot, the linux-kernel and the toolchain, and i'm calling ./buildscript/BuildToolChain from within the toolchain directory.

Why isn't it working?

  • There are many reasons why this could be happening as building the full toolchain is a long and complex operation where things can go wrong in a variety of different places in subtly different ways.

    The first thing you have to ask yourself is: do I really need to build the toolchain myself?

    For the vast majority of users, the best course of action is to use the pre-built binaries available for download here:

    This is beneficial to you as it means you will be using tested binaries that are known to work, but it is also beneficial to us as it means we can much more easily reproduce any problems you are having.

    If you definitely can't use the pre-built binaries for some reason, the next step to take is to ensure you've configured your build area, PATH and are calling BuildToolChain correctly.  Most problems can be fixed by quickly reading through the following wiki page:

    If you are confident this is all correct, then you should also ensure your build platform has the correct packages installed in order to build everything in the toolchain.  A full list of packages required to build to toolchain are available here:

    If, after going through the steps above, you are still having problems, please open a new thread with the following info:

    • what sources you are trying to build (svn trunk, 2010R1 src package, etc)
    • how you are calling BuildToolChain
    • what distro you are using (opensuse, ubuntu, etc)
    • preferably a tarball of your log file ({toolchain}/logs/log)


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