urjtag "Flash not found!" for BF533

When I try to program the flash on my BF533 EZKit using my JTAG gnICE, I'm getting the following error:

jtag> initbus bf533_ezkit
Run "detect" first.
jtag> detect
IR length: 5
Chain length: 1
Device Id: 01000010011110100101000011001011 (0x00000000427A50CB)
  Manufacturer: Analog Devices
  Part(0):         BF533
  Stepping:     4
  Filename:     /opt/uClinux/bfin-uclinux/bin/../share/urjtag/analog/bf533/bf533
jtag> initbus bf533_ezkit
jtag> detectflash 0x20000000
dev ID=0060   man ID=0060
amd_detect: mid 60, did 60
Flash not found!

Why is this happening and how do I get around it?