missing iconv.h header

I'm trying to build a package but it's complaining that iconv.h is missing and it keeps failing.  I can see there is one iconv.h header, but it's only in bfin-elf.  Why isn't this header in bfin-uclinux or bfin-linux-uclibc?

  • iconv.h is only installed when locale support is enabled in uclibc, which we don't do by default.

    If you would like to build uclibc with locale enabled, you can do so by carrying out the following steps:

    • go to toolchain/uClibc/
    • copy extra/Configs/Config.bfin.default to .config
    • run make menuconfig
    • enable "Locale Support" and "Use Pre-generated Locale Data"
    • disable the other Locale related options
    • save and exit
    • copy .config to config_locale
    • build the toolchain, but with the additional switches:
      • -l c
        • locale support has only been tested with C, not C++.  If you want to try, go ahead.
      • -C /absolute/path/to/toolchain/uClibc/config_locale

    When the build gets to uClibc, you should see a "building locale" stage after each "uClibc: setup" phase.

    If that all seems like too much work, you could try using libiconv instead.  Although I've not tried this out.



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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 29, 2019 10:36 AM
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