BF518 Code Execution From External SDRAM


My name is Greg Fowler, I'm an FAE for Analog Devices. I have a customer who is trying to use the GNU tools to produce a program that ultimately will execute from external SDRAM. Here is his email question below:

"Can you recommend a resource that might be able to help
me.  I have been stuck for two weeks trying to get the GNU tools to
produce a simple program that can be loaded into the BF518 SDRAM and run.

The issue, I believe, is getting the SDRAM (and maybe PLL,
…) init code written such a way that I can use it as the “init” section in my
loader file that also contains a simple LED blinker routine written in “C”.


Any suggestions would be

Do we have any complete GNU examples that show how to implement the SDRAM and PLL initialization before executing from "main()"? Any examples or advice that you may have here are greatly appreciated!

Thanks and best regards,


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