Can I disable NMI on bf606?

In ADSP-BF60x Blackfin Hardware Reference,


NMI Enable.

The SEC_CCTLn.NMIENbit controls NMI propagation to the core.

When the SEC_CCTLn.NMIENbit is enabled, the SCI allows NMIs to

propagate to the core for servicing.


Does it mean that I can disable NMI on bf606?


I pull up SYS_NMI_n pin with a 1k resistor, but u-boot on my board always enter NMI ISR.

I don't know why, so i want to disable NMI.


Thank you.

  • I would recommend you not to try to touch this very very low level implementations in u-boot, when you have a issue in your application, describe it in great details, what do you want to implement in your product, what do you want to do with u-boot, what did you do when you have issue with it, then we can work together to figure out a reasonable solution.

  • HI, Aaronwu.

    I use bfin-gdbproxy + bfin-elf-gdbtui to debug u-boot

    At start.S:250(End of ENTRY(_start))

    250: p3.l = .LWAIT_HERE;

    251: p3.h = .LWAIT_HERE;

    252: reti = p3;

    253: rti;

    When i break at line 253 in gdb

    (gdb)break 253


    u-boot stop at line 253;

    Breakpoint 1, start () at start.S:253

    Then i input si in gdb

    (gdb) si

    0xc8000fa2 in ?? ()

    Current language:  auto; currently c;

    (gdb) x/1x 0xffe02108   <<<< examine IPEND register

    0xffe02108:     0x00000005

    Bit2 in IPEND indicate CPU is servicing NMI.

    I pull up SYS_NMI_n pin with a 1k resistor.

    I don't know why.

  • again, could you please read my last comment, and give information about your issue from product feature level?

  • uboot can not startup, after i flash u-boot to my board,

    nothing print to serial console.

    so i use gdbproxy + bfin-elf-gdb to check why uboot can not startup, and find that nmi is always active, cpu always service MNI.

  • Why not share us more information like:

    1) which CPU you are using on your board? what's the u-boot version you are using?

    2) if it's a customized board, what's the main difference between it and ADI ezkit? please do cover all the difference and elaborate on items that may lead to your issue, for example, are you using a different DRAM chip? what are they, what's the size if yes?

    3)now that you have difference on hardware, please share us a complete patch against a specific clean ADI u-boot release to show us the code changes you have made.

    4) which storage are you trying to boot from?

    5) Is this the first time you try to bring up this newly built customized board, or this issue happens only when you made changes over your board, if it is in the later case, what changes have you made over it?

    6) and more other information you think that would help us to help you.