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BF609 uboot bf609_pc28f128p33_dpia.dxe

question1: I want to first dowdload uboot to Bf609 Parrallel Flash ,my cmd is :
cldp.exe -proc ADSP-BF609 -emu 100 -driver bf609_pc28f128p33_dpia.dxe -cmd info -cmd prog -erase affected -format bin -file u-boot.ldr -cmd compare -format bin -file u-boot.ldr -verbose    

the cmd it is right??

question2:My Parrallel Flash is  "JS28F256P33BF " if bf609_pc28f128p33_dpia.dxe can use it??

question3:if you can give me a "bf609_pc28f128p33_dpia.dxe" ,i have one but when i do this 

it is nothing do.. so i want you give a "bf609_pc28f128p33_dpia.dxe"!   because i find Question about Size of parallel nor flash of bf609  this guy use "bf609_pc28f128p33_dpia.dxe" have a success.


question4: when i use LdrViewer to do it ,i find this 

i reset many times ,it is always say "CTS not ready".      

but when i Turn off the power itappear this