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EZ Kit OS Install

Category: Hardware

Hi, I'm looking to get started with some Blackfin research but struggling to find documentation and am generally unsure what I should be looking to get hold of.

I'd like to get uClinux running on a BF518, so was looking at picking up a BF518 EZ-Kit (or EZ-Board?), but the EZ-Board Evaluation System Manual doesn't document how I'd go about installing uClinux (or any OS) onto the board. Or if it even supports an installed OS. I'm also aware that uClinux is end of life.

So far, I've setup the Blackfin Toolchain and I'm able to compile my own code for Blackfin. For example, I've got hello world compiled as a bFLT for the BF518. I got the toolchain from Sourceforge and noticed repos for UBoot. So I'm guessing I'd need to get an EZ-Board, flash UBoot, get uClinux from somewhere and then install that? But I can't find any documentation on how to go about doing this.

Any help and general pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated