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uClinux for blackfin on 32b Ubuntu16

Hi All,

We're trying to setup a fresh bfin-installation on ubuntu 16, 32bit version (BF607). Buildroot, the toolchain, linux kernel and u-boot.

There seems to be a lot of information gone from the internet (like

Is there a good guide for doing so?

What we've done is downloading the packages from  via

These packages are:





We've unpacked packages 1,2,3 to ~/opt/

and made a newpath script that adds the ~/opt/uClinux/bfin-elf/bin  directory to PATH

in uboot dir we've executed 'make bf609_ezkit_config' (which did work and now seems to be broken, somehow)

and then tried to run 'make'

The 'make'for u-boot results in an error: /bin/sh: bfin-uclinux-gcc command not found

And now We're stuck and have no idea how to move forward...

Could someone help us out? (or point us to a full install guide).

Best regards,