ADSP-BF537 Hardware Revision

I've recently got a new batch of boards in where after programming them, I've noticed a warning in the boot dialogue that the OS was compiled for hardware revision 3, but was running on 2. I've looked at the silicon anomaly list for the BF537 but have a hard time determining from it how likely there is to be an issue with running this hardware/software configuration. The specific OS is uCLinux 2008R1.5.

Is it possible/practical to determine interchangeability based on the silicon anomaly list? Or is this one of those "run it and see" type situations? Is the only real answer to re-compile with either 0.2 or "all" version support?

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  • Hi,

    unfortunately without examining the toolchain, uboot and kernel sources completely we cannot say which silicon anomalies are worked around in the compiler, bootloader or kernel.

    My recommendation would be to start out with the pre-built binaries and see how you go.

    However, for full product release I would strongly recommend building for your specific silicon revision.

    I would also strongly recommend upgrading from the 2008 release. I'm not sure when the 0.3 silicon revision of BF537 was released, there may be silicon anomalies identified after the 2008 release of Linux for the hardware.