Couldn't ping from uboot prompt to the linux machine

I am trying to bring up the EVM board (EZKIT-SC589). I have loaded the uboot using openocd and gdb as mentioned in the userguide. I managed to get the uboot prompt, but when I do DHCP nothing happens. To dig it more deeper, I tried pinging the host(Ubuntu - native) machine, but ping also not working.
   Rather than connecting the board to Linux machine, I have connected it through the switch(NETGEAR) and still the issue is same. I don't see any LEDs glowing on the Ethernet port(connected to switch/ubuntu machine). Looks like the uboot is not initializing the Eth properly.
  Please suggest a solution for this. Let me know if you need any further information.
NOTE: I have applied the patch( ) and rebuilt the uboot, but still the issue is not resolved. I am using ICE 1000 to flash uboot.