Was looking for a lightweight shell and came across PicoBSD's msh.  When I ran a search for distributions using msh, I didn't find many using it.  Blackfin Linux is one of the few distributions that seems to turn up in searches for msh.  From what I've read, msh was a part of Busybox, but has been removed in newer versions.  I thought I read something on the forums indicating that Blackfin is still using msh even though latest versions of Busybox don't include it.  Was wondering if this is true.  I've been going through the code of msh to attempt to make it more portable and get it to handle certain Bash commands so I can run build scripts with it instead of Bash.  Also wanted to look at Internationalization support (or lack thereof) and see if there's a workaround to using the higher bits of character input to indicate things like quotes.  Was just curious if anyone was still using msh and if there's any interest in a reworked version with more Bash command syntax support and better Internationalization support.  Has anyone else looked at modifying the code recently to add new features?