error attempting to build the 2012R2-RC2 ToolChain


Got and error attempting to build the ToolChain, after 1.5 hrs.

This had built successfully, previously, when I did not include

the u-boot build (-u ~/blackfin-sources/u-boot \).


Host:             Ubuntu

Toolchain:      blackfin-toolchain-2012R2-RC2.src.tar.bz2

uclinux-dist:   blackfin-linux-dist-2011R1-RC3.tar.bz2

u-boot:           u-boot-2011.11-2011R1-RC5

Command line to Build the toolchain:

~/blackfin-sources/toolchain/buildscript/BuildToolChain \

  -b ~/blackfin-sources/build \

  -k ~/blackfin-sources/uclinux-dist/linux-2.6.x \

  -s ~/blackfin-sources/toolchain \

  -u ~/blackfin-sources/u-boot \

  -S qemu


The file build/logs/config.logs.tbz2 is attached.

The following are the final lines from the log file in build/logs:


bfin-uclinux: uClibc: cleaning


make V=1 distclean

  CLEAN include

  CLEAN ldso/ldso

  CLEAN ldso/libdl

  CLEAN libcrypt

  CLEAN libintl

  CLEAN libm

  CLEAN libnsl

  CLEAN libresolv

  CLEAN libutil

  CLEAN libpthread/linuxthreads.old

  CLEAN libpthread/linuxthreads.old_db

  CLEAN librt

  CLEAN libubacktrace

  CLEAN extra/locale

  CLEAN libc/sysdeps/linux/bfin

  CLEAN libc/sysdeps/linux/common

  CLEAN libc/misc/assert

  CLEAN libc/misc/ctype

  CLEAN libc/misc/dirent

  CLEAN libc/misc/error

  CLEAN libc/misc/elf

  CLEAN libc/misc/file

  CLEAN libc/misc/fnmatch

  CLEAN libc/misc/ftw

  CLEAN libc/misc/fts

  CLEAN libc/misc/glob

  CLEAN libc/misc/gnu

  CLEAN libc/misc/internals

  CLEAN libc/misc/locale

  CLEAN libc/misc/mntent

  CLEAN libc/misc/pthread

  CLEAN libc/misc/regex

  CLEAN libc/misc/search

  CLEAN libc/misc/statfs

  CLEAN libc/misc/syslog

  CLEAN libc/misc/sysvipc

  CLEAN libc/misc/time

  CLEAN libc/misc/ttyent

  CLEAN libc/misc/utmp

  CLEAN libc/misc/wchar

  CLEAN libc/misc/wctype

  CLEAN libc/misc/wordexp

  CLEAN libc/pwd_grp

  CLEAN libc/stdio

  CLEAN libc/string

  CLEAN libc/termios

  CLEAN libc/inet/rpc

  CLEAN libc/inet

  CLEAN libc/signal

  CLEAN libc/stdlib/malloc

  CLEAN libc/stdlib/malloc-simple

  CLEAN libc/stdlib/malloc-standard

  CLEAN libc/stdlib

  CLEAN libc/unistd

  CLEAN libc

  CLEAN include (libpthread/linuxthreads.old)

  CLEAN include (libpthread/linuxthreads.old_db)

  CLEAN include (libc/sysdeps/linux/bfin)

  CLEAN include (common)

find: ./include/dl-osinfo.h: No such file or directory

find: ./include/semaphore.h: No such file or directory

find: ./include/hp-timing.h: No such file or directory

find: ./include/bfin_fixed_code.h: No such file or directory

find: ./include/bfin_l1layout.h: No such file or directory

find: ./include/thread_db.h: No such file or directory

make: *** [include_clean] Error 1

make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....


  • Hi,

    Are you sure it's u-boot that's the only difference?  You're trying to build the 2012R2 toolchain using the 2011R1 kernel headers, which I think is probably the problem.  The kernel headers used to build the toolchain (from the 2012R2 buildroot release) are actually bundled with the toolchain sources, in the kbuild_output directory.

    If you really want to use the 2011R1 uclinux release, then you should use the 2011R1 toolchain.  Otherwise, i would recommend moving forward to the 2012R2 buildroot linux release.

    I'm doing a test build of the release sources just now to see if I can reproduce the failure.


  • First of all, are you sure you need to rebuild the toolchain?  You might be better off using the pre-built binaries available on the website if you don't plan to change any of the default build options?

    If you do think you need to build them, then all you need to do (after unpackaging all the tarballs), is:

    cd ~/blackfin-sources
    ./buildscript/BuildToolChain -K ~/blackfin-sources/kbuild_output

    Everything else should be set automatically (the u-boot sources should already be there).

    There's some notes on packages you might need on the host here:

    Let me know if you hit any problems (i'm on vacation next week, miles from phone coverage, but i'll try and check in when I can).

    As for building buildroot, could you create a new thread on the buildroot forum for that?  They know much more about this than I do.


  • After some thought, I am going to go ahead and heed your advice, and am now downloading the 2012R2 buildroot release, blackfin-buildroot-2012R2-RC5.tar.bz2. It will require some additional time to update the kernel mods and configuration mods, and other, but it is probably the prudent thing to do.

  • I will need guidance on building the buildroot, etc.  I have looked at the page 'Configure and build buildroot distribution', but it is very different from what I've been used to, and I'm confused.

    I have downloaded blackfin-buildroot-2012R2-RC5.tar.bz2, and extracted it into ~/blackfin-sources.

    I have downloaded the toolchain, blackfin-toolchain-2012R2-RC2.src.tar.bz2. I extracted the .src folder, and then extracted each .tar.bz2 file in it, then copied that entire folder into ~/blackfin-sources.

    Should I also extract and place u-boot-2011.11-2011R1-RC5 into ~/blackfin-sources?

    At this point, can/should I use something similar to the following? And if so, how should I modify it?

    Command line to Build the buildroot/toolchain:

    ~/blackfin-sources/toolchain/buildscript/BuildToolChain \

      -b ~/blackfin-sources/build \

      -k ~/blackfin-sources/uclinux-dist/linux-2.6.x \

      -s ~/blackfin-sources/toolchain \

      -u ~/blackfin-sources/u-boot \

      -S qemu



  • OK, and thanks.  Enjoy your vacation and come back all relaxed. :>)