U-boot for BF707-EZKIT

Hi, our company made U-boot and uClinux port for ADSP-BF707 EZKIT.

We plan to push it into community, but we requires more testing.

We will be glad to hear any comments about this u-boot port.

In attach you can find tar.bz2 archive with: LDR file for SPI Master boot mode (u-boot-bf707-spi.ldr) and for UART boot mode (u-boot-bf707-uart.ldr), also you can find fixed bfin-uclinux-ldr utility with bf707 support.

How to download u-boot to the BF707-EZKIT:

  1. Put EZKIT to UART boot mode (SW1 to 3).
    1. Prepare SD or SDHC card:
    2. Format SD/SDHC card with FAT/FAT32 format.
    3. Copy u-boot-bf707-spi.ldr to SD/SDHC card.
    4. Put SD/SDHC card to EZKIT.
  2. Power on EZKIT.
  3. Download u-boot-bf707-uart.ldr  :

    bfin-uclinux-ldr -T BF707 -l u-boot-bf707-uart.ldr /dev/ttyUSB0

  4. In u-boot need to write u-boot to QSPI Flash :

    mmc rescan

    fatload mmc 0 $(loadaddr) u-boot-bf707-spi.ldr

    sf probe

    sf erase 0 0xC0000

    sf write $(loadaddr) 0 0x40000

  5. Put EZKIT to SPI Master boot mode (SW1 to 1).
  6. Reset board.