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HPUSB-ICE problems with an ADSP-21262

Recently I have been experiencing some issues with the emulator connected to my custom board with an ADSP-21262 so much so that it is now useless to debug with, let alone run any code.

In VDSP I typically get an emulator error with a 0x80048047 error code.

If I run the configurator test it is now failing at the ICEPAC Memory test but sometimes it passes this test.

I have some programmable logic interfaced to the DSP and coincidently the problem seem to show up the last time i updated the programmable logic but can't see why it would make a difference.

Are there any pins on the processor that need to be set a certain way when the dsp is reset ??

EE-68 describes some 10 K pullups on the JTAG pins which I have not installed. I'm just wondering whether they are needed in my case ?? Also traces are no more than an inch away from the JTAG header.

Could the dsp be faulty or is it the emulator which is faulty ?

Otherwise I am scratching my head at the moment.



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