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ADSP-BF506F EZ-KIT Lite USB Communication Interrupt


I got a problem conncting my KIT to the VisualDSP by using the Debug Agent.

The ADSP-BF506F EZ-KIT Lite is powerd by a 5VDC (890mA max) source. When I connect the USB cable to the target and to the PC, the yellow and green LED's on the target (ZLED1, ZLED) are lit. I start the Session via Debug Agent and VisualDSP connects propperly. After 20 to 30 seconds the green LED's intensity decreases until it is completely off. After a few more seconds the monitor LED ZLED2 is also off. On the desktop appears a pop-up message:

Closing the message box with NO has no effect, the connection is already lost. I have to unplug/plug the USB cable again and the same procedure stars from the beginning.

Anyone knows how to fix that?

Thanks for your help!


  • Hi Hans,

    I have moved this from the Blackfin Processors Community to the Hardware Tools Community. From the details you have provided, it sounds likely that either the power supply or the evaluation board has a hardware fault.

    Are you using the power supply that was provided with the kit? Do you have an alternate power supply you can try?

    If you don't actually establish a connection with VisualDSP++ - just apply power and USB to the EZ-KIT - does the LED fade after a similar period of time?

    The EZ-Board has an adjustable regulator controlled by the on-board switches. To rule out an incorrect configuration, can you please consult the jumper and switch settings in Chapter 2 of the Evaluation System Manual, and ensure they are set to the defaults.



  • Hey Craig,

    I'm not using the optional power supply. I'm using a Nokia charging device with 5VDC and 890mA max current. If you think that this could be the problem, I'll try to get an alternative power supply.

    If I don't start VisualDSP++ and just apply power and connect the USB, the EZ-KIT shows the same behavior -> both LED's fade.

    Concerning the configuration:

    I'm using the KIT combined with the FlexMC LV MOTOR DRIVE from Boston Engineering. For that reason I used the suggested configuration in their manual. Today I also tried the configuration as shown in the manual you suggested - no difference.

    Greets from Austria,


  • Hi,

    Did you buy it as the FLEXMC KIT, or did you purchase the FlexMC LV Motor Drive separately? I must admit I'm not familiar with the product, but from the information page I believe the KIT should come with a power supply. While the BF506F EZ-KIT Lite can be USB powered, it will likely need a larger supply if it is to power both the KIT and the FlexMC board; for our EZ-KITs we typically use a 5V DC 2.6A power supply.

    I would be interested to know if you see the same behaviour if you have access to a power supply closer to this specification.



  • Hi,

    my professor bought the FlexMC Kit but there was no power supply included. The FlexMC Motor Drive is powered separately on 24VDC. I therefor use a supply with a max. current of 5A which should be enough.

    I'll try to get another 5VDC supply from university with the specifications as you suggested.



  • Hi,

    today I got a second FLEXMC KIT. This one works with the same setup (Powersupply and so on). So I think the first KIT has a hardware fault.

    Best regards and thaks for your help!


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