Using the USB EZ-Extender with ADSP-21469


The tools I am using are the ADSP- 21469 EZ-KIT, USB EZ-Extender, and CrossCore studio.

I would like to send sampled data from a file on a PC to the 21469 over USB, perform DSP operations, then send data back to the PC. The VendorBulkDemo included with the usb extender does something like this, but I am having difficulty figuring out how it works. It says it redirects stdio which is how I would like to do the data i/o. I'm not looking to use much past the basic i/o functionality.

Something like this:

while(!eof) {
     // DSP operations

I am fairly new to USB and DSP development so I am looking for learning resources or additional example code that can help with getting me started.

Thank you for your support!