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ADSP-BF706 EZ-KIT licensing


I'm considering to order a ADSP-BF706 EZ-KIT. I have tried to understand how licensing for the bundled CCES works. From what I've gathered, the license seem to be valid for no more than 90 days after activation, thereafter i need to purchase another license for $995 to be able to use the kit. Is this correct?

I have looked for open source development tools (i need nothing more than asm, c, ln, debugger and loader), but could not find anything. Are there alternatives i have missed?



  • Hi Mike,

    If you place an order for the Ez-kit from now on, then the EZK license is included in the EZKIT package

    An EZ-Kit License behaves like a full license but only supports one EZ-KIT board. This means that the license only allows development for the EZ-KIT board for which it is licensed. The license does not allow the use of the simulator when debugging applications. The developer must use the emulator and their EZ-KIT board to debug applications.

    If a user has both an EZ-Kit license and a FULL license then the user shall have the privileges that accompany the FULL license and will be able to develop for the full suite of processors supported by CrossCore Embedded Studio.For the EZK license, maintenance package is not supported. In the other word, the EZK customer cannot update CCES version after one year.

    The EZ-Kit license provides unlimited access to CrossCore Embedded Studio but restricts what the customer can use. Like the FULL license the EZ-Kit license does not expire and is subscription based. It supports both the MAC address and disk serial number locking type but does not support corporate licenses. Custom targets are not supported by an EZ-Kit license so the user has to have their evaluation board connected to the computer and do their debugging on that hardware.EZ-Kit Licenses do not support the ADI simulators as debug targets.

    For details about CCES licensing option please refer the chapter "License types" in the below link:

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