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ICE test for ICE-1000 Emulator failed with Determining scan path length

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ICE-1000 Emulator
Software Version:

I use a Blackfin ADSPBF548 processor.

I'm using the analogue device ICE-1000 emulator to launch my software into it.
However, I have been experiencing this error for the past few days, and it is causing my Ice test to fail with the message "Determining scan path length."

I am unable to start my software in the processor because of this issue.

My hardware and ICE-1000 emulator have both been examined to ensure that they are producing the required voltage and frequency. However, the TO pin on my hardware does not appear to be producing the expected voltage. Will this be the cause of this error?

I've attached the ICE-Test visualdsp++ image.

If you have any examples or documents to resolve it, please send them to me.  

  • Hi,

    We have tracked this thread and will get back to you as soon as possible by Today.


  • Hi,
    Have you used this emulator on a custom board or an EZ-KIT board?
    If you’re using a custom board, can you please confirm that it complies with the JTAG Technical Reference Guide EE-68, which is available online at the following location:
    If custom board, Please let us know whether you are using a single or multi-processor board? If a multi-processor board, how many processors does it contain?
    The ICE Test failing at the 4th step, Determining Scan Path Length, This particular step of the test determines the number of different JTAG devices located on the target hardware to which the emulator is connected. As you can see from some of the error messages your receiving, the tools are unable to detect the processor on your target board.
    The ICE test failing at the fourth step of "Determining Scan Path Length" can be caused by either a problem with the emulator or a problem with the target board.
    Could you please answer to the below questions. This will help us to proceed further:
    1.Does the emulator is detected by PC ? Check whether the emulator listed under 'Crosscore tools'. If listed, double-click on the emulator to show the driver properties and ensure there are no issues listed. If there, please share the screenshot of the device manager.
    2.Do you have access to a other EZ-Kit, or any other type of board? If you do, please let us know if you can connect without any problems to these boards.
    3.Do you have any other emulators of the same type, which operates correctly with the same target board and PC?
    4.If you are having any other emulator like ICE-2000, please let us know whether you are facing same behavior with the ICE-2000 emulator.

    5.Have you ever been able to connect to this board without any problems? On occasions, target connection errors can be caused by the processor booting corrupt code. If possible, please try changing the boot mode of the processor and let us know if this has any affect on the behavior you're seeing.
    6.Can you please check with any another PC with the same setup and let us know how you get on.
    7.Also, could you please confirm whether you have purchased the board directly from Analog Devices or from distributor.

    8. Please confim once whether you are using CCES or VisualDSP++. Since, you mentioned the version about CCES 2.11 and VisualDSP++ in the image description.

    Please read through the below Emulator Troubleshooting Guide and let us know the results of the troubleshooting steps it advises.