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ICE-1000 without the J2 connector

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ICE-1000


my ICE-1000 doesn't have a J2 connector (there is only a place for the connector, but the pads are sealed / soldered without a connector). Instead, it has just the J1 14-pin connector and a 14-pin to 10-pin adapter.

I'd like to ask if using the adapter with the J1 connector is the same as using the J2 connector. The reason I'm asking is that in all the documents I'm reading only the J2 connector is mentioned, and there is no mention of the 14-pin to 10-pin adapter.

Therefore, I wanted to make sure that if I use the adapter with J1 it has the same effect as using J2.


Below are pictures of the ICE-1000 with the 14-pin to 10-pin adapter attached:

  • Hi,

    You can use the adapter with the J1 connector is the same as using the J2 connector.

    ICE-1000 contains 2 connectors(J1, J2). J1 is 10 pin JTAG header used to connect new boards with processors SC5xx,BF70x and 14 pin JTAG header used to connect Legacy boards with processors BF5xx,BF60x, 21XXX. Previously, 10 to 14 pin adapter has been shipped only with ICE-2000, but nowadays ICE-1000s also include 10 to 14 pin adapter.

    You can refer the Figure 1-4 "J1 Pinout"(14 pin) and Figure 1-3 "J2 Pinout" (10 pin) for the pin mappings details of the adapter from the below "ICE-1000/ICE-2000 Emulator User’s Guide".

    Also, We recommend to refer the EE-note(EE-68) for more details on JTAG emulator interface. This document provides technical information to properly design a JTAG emulator interface for Analog Devices, Inc (ADI) processor targets.
    You can find the EE-68: Analog Devices JTAG Emulation Technical Reference manual from the below link: