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ICE-1000 power up and down sequence

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ICE-1000


I am confused about the ICE-1000 power sequence.

In ICE-1000/ICE-2000 Emulator User’s Guide, page 19/32, Applying Power to the Emulator chapter.

I understand the power up sequence is

1. Connect ICE-1000 to target board.

2. Power up target board.

3. Connect USB between ICE-1000 and PC.

4. Debug in CCES.

The power down sequence is

1. Stop debug in CCES.

2. Disconnect USB between ICE-1000 and PC.

3. Power down target board.

4. Remove ICE-1000 from target board.

Is this right?

This sequence is different with all the other devices I used before which change the sequence 2 and 3.

So I want to make sure the right sequence is 1234 or 1324.