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ADSP 2189M connection Error

Hello Everyone,

I am using ADSP 2189M EZ-KIT Lite for my project. Now I am trying to connect the board via serial port. But I am not able to make the connection. I tried the procedure which is actually in the datasheet but the the Visual DSP 3.5 is not able to find the ADSP 2189M board. But according to data sheet the all the led's need to be on when power on but its is not happening for me.. I need to do any changes in the Jumper placement. Can anyone in the forum can help me. Thank you in Advance. 

Thanks and Regards,

Kiran Vignesh M

Its small correction
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  • Hi,

    In the past, we have seen customers encounter this error message when they haven't set up an EZ-Kit session correctly.

    Please note that you must create a valid Platform to connect with before opening VisualDSP++. Follow the below steps and let us know how you get on:

    1. Open the VisualDSP++ Configurator utility from the VisualDSP++ 3.5 program group in the Windows Start menu.

    2. Once open select the 'ADSP-2189 EZ-KIT Lite via COM port' Platform Template.

    3. Click the copy button and the Platform Properties window will appear.

    4. You should not need to make any changes in the Platform Properties window although you should ensure the COM Port is set to 1 and that your EZ-KIT is attached to COM port 1 of your computer before continuing.

    5. Hit OK, the Platform Properties window will close and you will notice that the Platform you just created appears under the Platforms section of the Configurator.

    6. Hit OK to exit the Configurator utility.

    7. Start VisualDSP++ while pressing and holding the CTRL key and the Session window will load.

    8. Select 'New Session' and once loaded select 'EZ-KIT 218x' from the 'Debug Target' drop down list in the New Session window.

    9. The Processor type should be ADSP-2189 and the session name should match what you created in the Configurator i.e.'ADSP-2189 EZ-KIT Lite via COM port'.

    10. Hit OK to close the New Session list window.

    11. From the Session List window ensure your session is highlighted and Select Activate.

    12. You will be prompted to press the EZ-KIT reset button. Press this button and select OK from the prompt after doing so.

    13. You should now be connected to your 218x EZ-KIT session.

    If you are still unable to connect, can you tell us have you ever been able to connect to the EZ-KIT? Are you facing this issue in another machine also?


  • Hi Nishanthi V

    Thanks for your response. I tried as per your procedure but I am not able to communicate with ADSP 2189M EZ-KIT Lite board. I tried in some other PC also I am facing the same issue. Can you please help with any other alternative options, that can be used to make the connection.

    Thanks and regards,

    Kiran Vignesh M

  • Hi Kiran,

    Unfortunately the error message you are receiving is a generic error which doesn't help us narrow down the cause of the issue any. Do you have access to another 2189 EZ-Kit board? If you do, please try connecting this to your machine and let us know if you encounter the same problems.

    Are you using this KIT at the first time and facing issue or you had been able to use it before without any issues?

    Can you please confirm that the EZ-KIT is powered up and the RS232 cable you received with it is connected at both sides, i.e. one side to the EZ-KIT and the other side to your PC. Please double check that you are indeed using COM port 1 of your machine.

    Sometimes connection problems can be caused by a corrupt session.  Please start VisualDSP++ while pressing the CTRL key. When the Session List window appears Delete your current session list via the 'Delete All' button. Now recreate your session again by clicking on the 'New Session' button and select 'EZ-KIT 218x', processor type as 'ADSP-2189' to create your 'ADSP-2189 EZ-KIT Lite via COM port' session. Click Ok and Activate to connect to your board. Let us know how you get on and if you have any success connecting to it?

    If you are still unable to connect to the board then please can you check Jumper JP6 - 'Serial Disabled' does not have a jumper on it. Secondly the switches on Switch SW3 - 'Mode Selection Switch' should all be set to ON.

    Details of the default jumper and switch settings can be found in the 'ADSP-2189M EZ-KIT Lite Evaluation System Manual' which is linked below.

    Let me know how you get on.


  • Hi Nishanthi V,

    I don't have access to another ADSP 2189M EZ-Kit Lite board.

    Previously I have used EZ-ICE 218x Emulator there I faced some problem So now I am trying to connect the board using serial port. I will add the error message which I have faced using Emulator. But it is the first time we are trying to communicate using serial port.

    I tried the session option also I deleted and re-created but it is not making any connection.

    I checked that there is no jumpers in the JP6 and all the modes in SW3 are set to be ON. Still I can't make the connection.

    Can I get any test cases to find the condition of the ADSP 2189M EZ-Kit Lite board.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Kiran Vignesh M

  • Hi Kiran,

    Thanks for the detailed information on the troubleshooting you have carried out so far. Can you ensure there is nothing using com port 1 on your PC, if there is, please try removing or disabling it.

    The reason we ask you to check this is because the problem may be related to your computer already having a Comm Port session set up. To check this please open your computers 'Network Connections', which is available within your computers Control Panel. Ensure that you have no Comm Port (Serial) connections set up. If you do please try removing the connection, then restart your PC before attempting to connect to VisualDSP++.

    However, if you do not have any Comm Port (Serial) Connection set up can you please try setting up a new Comm Port Network Connection. After setting it up please delete it, restart your PC and try connecting to VisualDSP++ again.

    In order to use the RS232 cable to connect to the EZ-Kit board and to communicate with VisualDSP++ the on board Monitor Program must be present on the EZ-Kit. This is loaded to the board during production. You can find details of the Monitor Program on page 2-7 of the 2189 EZ-Kit manual linked below.

    Also, We would recommend you to refer the "Installation Tasks" chapter in the below link for making connection to your hardware.


  • Hi Nishanthi.V

    Thanks for the response. I tried the way your mentioned in the Network Connection and I make a try but still its is not getting communicated. I have seen the monitor program previously but Still I am not able to communicate. The installation is also done as like as in the manual. When SW3 switches all are set to on the timer code which is in the example is getting executed like the Led 4 blinks for 4 times. What is the reason for this? Are this is the actual program of the board ? Can you please help me with some other test cases.


    Kiran Vignesh M