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ICE-1000 works, but ICE-2000 has problems connecting - BF706

Hello!  So I recently was able to get a shiny new ICE-2000 emulator.  I am using it with a custom board, using a BF706.  Everything runs smoothly with the ICE-1000, but when I try and connect with the ICE-2000 I get an error "The selected frequency will not work with the current target board.  Please choose another frequency.  If a connection can still not be established, try cycling power to your target board."  It will then proceed to fail to connect to the processor. I have rebooted multiple times, restarted CCES (v2.9.3), and restarted the ICE-2000.

The ICE-2000 shows up just fine in my device manager.

I have tried to run the ICE test using every option available for the JTAG frequency, it always fails to pass the "Determining scan path length" portion.  

Any ideas of where else to look?  I would like to use the ICE-2000 vs the 1000.

Thank you!

  • Hello,

    The problem may be that the processor clock frequency on your target board is not at least 2x of the JTAG clock frequency, which is a requirement of the JTAG interface.

    Can you please answer the below questions this will help us to assist you further.

    1. As you mentioned ICE-2000 shows fine in device manager, could you Please confirm whether the emulator detected under Crosscore tools in device manager , double-click on the emulator to show the driver properties and ensure there are no issues listed. If there, please share the screenshot of the device manager which shows the emulator and screenshot of the driver tab by clicking the emulator > properties > Driver.

    2.Also as you are using custom board, can you please confirm that it complies with the JTAG Technical Reference Guide EE-68, which is available online at the following location:

    3. Do you have another target board (like ez-kit) you can use to connect to your emulator with? Does the emulator still behave the same way? Do you still encounter the same error messages?

    4. Please let us know whether you are using a single or multi-processor board? If a multi-processor board, how many processors does it contain?

    5.When trying to connect to your session, do you receive any error messages? If so, please send in details of these errors and if possible screenshots of them.

    Also, we have seen similar issues caused by power supply issues, i.e. either an issue with the power adapter or a loose connection at the power connector. When you run the ICE test which LEDs on the front of the emulator pod light up?

    On a similar note, it could be that this particular board is booting a corrupt image from flash which is locking up the processor and not allowing the tools to connect.We would recommend you try changing the boot mode pin on the target, power cycling the board, then trying to connect again.

    6.Did you buy this emulator direct from Analog devices or distributor?

    Please read through our Emulator Troubleshooting Guide and let us know the results of the troubleshooting steps it advises.
    For CCES:

    Also, the ICE test failing at the fourth step of "Determining Scan Path Length" can be caused by either a problem with the emulator or a problem with the target board.

    Please try changing the JTAG I/O Voltage in the ICE Test to 2.5V [In "Platform Properties" page] and run the test again.If this works then can you either create a new session using a 2.5V JTAG I/O voltage or modify your existing session to use 2.5V JTAG I/O voltage.

    Please try and let us know how you are getting on.

    Best Regards,
    Santha kumari.K

  • Thank you for the reply!  Here are my responses:


    2. I did adhere to the JTAG guidelines - and the ICE1000 does function properly, so I believe I am good here.

    3. Unfortunately, I do not have an ezkit at this time.

    4. The BF706 is the only processor on this board.

    5. "The selected frequency will not work with the current target board.  Please choose another frequency.  If a connection can still not be established, try cycling power to your target board." is the error message that I get when trying to connect.

    The LED is green on the ICE2000 when it fails the scan.

    I have toggled the boot mode lines, and power cycled many times.  No change in failure modes.

    6.  I purchased the ICE2000 from Digikey.

    Other notes :

    I tried connecting with the ICE test with every combination of JTAG frequency and Supply voltage.

    My target board has a Master Clock frequency of 25MHz.

    I read through the troubleshooting guide and the error "[TpsdkServer] Failed to connect to processor. Error: 0x8004804b. Error Description: Failed passing JTAG loop test." was not listed.  But if my ICE1000 works fine, I would assume that my target board is designed correctly and should at least work with JTAG frequencies at or below the ICE1000 JTAG frequency.

    Thank you!

  • Hi,

    As the support we can offer may be limited here - Please contact private support through the link below:

    Or you can email to Processor Tools Support through:

    Please make sure to add the link of this EZone thread while contacting private support.

    Santha kumari.K