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USB EZ-Extender with ADSP-21479. No USB Devices Found


I am using the EZ-Extender (BFSHUSB-EZEXT) with the 21479 EZ-Kit Lite in CCES 2.8.2, I am having trouble with my PC detecting the USB extender. 

I am trying to run the File I/O example for the Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter and I have configured all the jumper and switches on both the EZ-board and extender as according to the readme file instructions. 

I have installed the initial extender driver from the BSP page however no USB device is found in the Device Manager. 

Can anyone please suggest a solution to allow my PC to detect the USB extender?

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  • Hi,

    We understand that you have already contacted our private support.To avoid duplication of efforts, please continue the discussion there.

    We will post the final response here for others to benefit.


  • Hi,

    We are posting this response here for others to benefit.

    From the description of your problem we believe that you initially were having problems installing the driver for the ADZS-BFSHUSB-EZEXT board

    The ADZS-BFSHUSB-EZEXT should only be connected, via USB, and installed when running one of the USB-EZ Extender examples. Details of exactly how to set up and install this extender board can be found in the 'ReadMe.txt' file which is available in the below path:

    [installation path]:\Analog Devices\Blackfin-SHARC_USB_Extender_Board_(EI2)-Rel1.0.0\Blackfin-SHARC_USB_Extender_Board_(EI2)\sharc\examples\21479\USB_VendorBulkDemo

    The device drivers are installed automatically when the device is plugged in and powered up for the first time after installing tool.

    If it is not listed, or you are having problems with the drivers, you should try reinstalling the drivers manually. The drivers are found in the "USB_Drivers" directory:
    [install_drive] : \ Analog Devices\Blackfin-SHARC_USB_Extender_Board_(EI2)-Rel1.0.0\Blackfin-SHARC_USB_Extender_Board_(EI2)\Setup\USB_Drivers\Vendor\

    To install the driver manually follow below steps:
    1. Double-click on the device. The Device Properties dialog box appears. Click the Driver tab and choose Update Driver.

    There are two options will be displayed:
    >> Search automatically for updated driver
    >> Browse my computer for driver software

    2.Then choose "Browse my computer for driver software" option.
    3.Then browse for driver from the installation path and also please note that the option "Include sub folders" have been checked.
    4.Click next and the driver will updated after some period.

    Once the driver installation is finished you can check the Windows Device Manager to ensure the extender is listed. Please note that once the driver installation for the extender board is finished, depending on which example you are using will depend on where the board is listed in the Windows Device Manger. So for example you will see the"USB EZ-EXTENDER" listed under "ADIDevelopment Tools" for bulk examples.

    Please read through our Emulator Troubleshooting Guide and let us know the results of the troubleshooting steps it advises.