unable to reach at breakpoint in program


I am using VisualDSP++ I am trying to debug the dsp code with with Hardware and I successfully activated  the session but 

not able to debug the code.

how to set the configuration for debug mode or to debug the code?

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Asim Aslam

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    on Aug 19, 2019 3:30 AM

    Hello Asim,

    Please refer the below VisualDSP++ help path to setup the session which will helps you:

    Help > Contents > Emulation Tools > VisualDSP++ Configurator > How to > Invoking the VisualDSP++ Configurator
    Help > Contents > Emulation Tools > VisualDSP++ Configurator > How to > Testing a Target with ICE Test
    Help > Contents > Graphical environment > Emulation tools > Manuals > Hardware tool manuals > EZ-KIT lite evaluation manuals > ADSP-21489 EZ-Board® Evaluation System Manual > 1 Using the ADSP-21489 EZ-Board > VisualDSP++ Install and Session Startup > Session Startup

    Breakpoints can only be set in the source window if the Compiler and/or Assembler have been set to generate debug information. If these options are not enabled for the project, then debug information will not be available to the IDDE. In turn, this means the IDDE will not allow the placement of breakpoints in the Source Window.

    If you are not generating debug information, you can only set breakpoints in the disassembly window.

    You may want to try removing the file from the project, and re-adding it to ensure that it is using project-wide settings. You could also enable verbose build output, either by adding the "-v" switch to the Compiler, or via "Settings: Preferences: Project" to ensure the "-g" switch (generate debug information) is enabled for each of the source files.Please also make sure that you have NOT selected the ‘Strip Debug Information’ This option corresponds to the -S command-line switch.

    Also,can you please try with enabling "Mask interrupts during step" option. To enable this option go to 'Target ->Settings'->'Target options' and turn on the option "Mask interrupts during step".

    You can find information on breakpoints in VDSP help using the following path:

    Please refer in VDSP help about Restrictions on Breakpoints:
    <Help> Contents > manuals > Processor manuals > SHARC Processor Programming Reference > 8 JTAG Test Emulation Port > Functional Description > Breakpoints > Hardware Breakpoints > General Restrictions on Software Breakpoints

    <Help> Contents > Graphical Environment > IDDE>Debugging > Debug sessions > Program executing operations > Breakpoints > Setting a Software Breakpoint

    Santha kumari.K

  • hi santha ,

    I am tried these all as you suggested in last reply. project information is generated successfully. but till now unable to set the breakpoints in any function and automatic breakpoint too


    Asim Aslam

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    on Aug 30, 2019 12:23 PM in reply to asima@chetu.com


    Your query has been answered via the below link


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