ADSP-21489 conflicting JTAG information?


I have a custom ADSP21489 board that I am using with the ICE-2000.  I am looking for some guidance as there appears to be conflicting information between EE-68, the ICE 2000 manual, the ADSP-21489 datasheet and the schematics to the ADSP-21489 Ez-Board.

1) The ICE 1000/2000 manual ( on page 1-7 shows pin 5 of the 14-pin ICE connector as a no connect.  Yet this pin is pulled high via a 10K pull-up on the ADSP-21489 Ez-Kit.  And EE-68 indicates this is the voltage sense pin.  Which is it?

2) EE-68 indicates that TRST should be pulled low and the ADSP-21489 Ez-Kit has TRST pulled low.  According to the ADSP-21489 datasheet (page 15), TRST has an internal pull-up (ipu).  Pulling this signal low with the prescribed 4.7K resistor results in this signal floating around 1V which doesn't seem right.  I've seen on the newer ADSP-2158x boards from ADI that TRST is pulled high.  Which is correct on the ADSP-21489 processors?

3) Newer ADSP-2158x SHARC boards don't have EMU connected.  Is this still required on the ADSP-21489?

Finally, my hardware relies on the 10-pin ICE connector.  EE-68 was updated last more than 10 years ago (April, 2008), long before the 10-pin connector.  Are there any specific guidelines for handling this connector on an ADSP-21489?


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