ADSP-21571/ICE-2000: Not able to connect to target


I'm trying to debug a custom board with two ADSP-21571 and one ADSP-21489.

As I am focusing on debugging the 21571s I've marked the 21489 as "Unknown" in the Target Configurator (I'm new to CCES, but I get the feeling you cannot debug different kinds of ADSPs within the same configuration).

I'm using an ICE-2000 and CCES 2.8.2.

Unfortunately I get "Failed to connect to target" (error code 0x80048083) each time it try start debugging.

When running the ICE Test from the Target Configurator all seems fine; all three DSPs are detected all tests pass just fine.

Does anyone here have any idea what could be wrong?


Added some further info.
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