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Multiple emulators/debuggers (ICE-1000, ICE-2000)

Hi all,

is it possible to use multiple emulators/debuggers connected to a PC simultaneously. We are using ICE-1000 and ICE-2000.

For example, will two emulators/debuggers work (with two separate targets)? We're currently setting up a test setup.

  • Is it possible to use 2x ICE-1000? Or maybe 1x ICE-1000 and 1x ICE-2000 as a workaround?
  • Will this work with CCES, CCESC, CLDP, CCESRunner, etc.?

Kind regards,


  • Hi,
    You can install two separate emulators onto the same machine, you simply give each one a different Device ID when setting up the Platform in the Configurator i.e. 0 and 1.
    Although it may be possible to run 2 separate instances of CCES (i.e. the running of multiple idde.exes simultaneously) we do not support this configuration.
    We would recommend the latter option, that is, using one emulator with the 2 processor boards connected in that emulator's JTAG chain.  With that said targets with multiple processors of the same part are supported, but we only support exactly the same part because CCES will only support 1 specific type of processor at a time, partly because different targets have different memory maps and peripheral register sets.
    Please refer in CCES help to add 2 boards in the JTAG chain CrossCore® Embedded Studio 2.8.0 > Integrated Development Environment > Debugging Targets > Target Configurator > Platform Properties > Configuring a Platform