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项目中加载FreeRTOS后,Debug As无法编译通过 - Translation: After loading FreeRTOS in the project, Debug As cannot be compiled through

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-21569
Software Version: 2.11.1

我司目前在ADSP-21569上进行开发,按照贵司的手册,我现在能够在自己的项目中编辑修改例程,“Debug As”编译后程序能够正常执行:


Our company is currently developing on ADSP-21569. According to your company's manual, I can now edit and 
modify routines in my project, and the program can be executed normally after "Debug As" compilation:


Translation: But after I loaded FreeRTOS in my project, the code was successfully updated, and CCES showed that the FreeRTOS source code download was ok:

然后我再进行“Debug As”编译,编译时间会较长,然后对应例程的dxe文件会消失,然后CCES提示编译报错:


Then I perform "Debug As" compilation, the compilation time will be longer, and then the dxe file 
corresponding to the routine will disappear, and then CCES prompts a compilation error:



The compilation error made it impossible to execute the subsequent program. Please tell me what caused this problem? 
Still missing something? Please explain to your company.

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