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FreeRTOS+TCP stack port to SC573: undefined reference to FreeRTOS_IPInit()

Hey team,

Context is that we want to get UDP working on FreeRTOS on the SC573 board.

The problem is when we're compiling, the linker comes up with an undefined reference to 'FreeRTOS_IPInit' error. Was wondering if you could help with this or provide a simple demo with UDP implemented on freeRTOS on the sc573.

Details about the project
Following this tutorial:
With the following setup:

  • Update: Added FreeRTOS-Plus-TCP folder to the project, which after fixing a few links compiles fine. But still can't see any UDP packets on the host (windows) using wireshark.

    It seems like the phy layer is working as i can actually monitor network traffic on the ethernet interface, but unable to receive packets.

    Using FreeRTOS_sendto(), it returns the correct number of packets sent. Which indicates that the code is fine.

    So the problem may be somewhere between the TCP library and the  adi_eth library.

    Would love some help with this in terms of a demo project or a ported config file or something more detailed than the porting guide provided by freeRTOS.


  • Hi,

    unfortunately ADI only provides the RTOS component for FreeRTOS. We do not provide any support for the additional components in the FreeRTOS release from

    I will reach out to a few colleagues internally to see if they can offer some advice with regards to the ethernet driver.

    We do work with a third party, hcc-embedded, who provide a commercial TCP/IP stack that works with FreeRTOS. I don't know if that would be a suitable alternative solution for you?



  • Hi Dave, Thanks for getting back to me, and thanks for following up with your colleagues!

    We have had a look into hcc-embedded, but were unable to get the tcp/IP stack demo running on the board as there was no documentation on how it should be deployed, only a binary file.

    I have reached out regardless for a demo and a quote, but would prefer to do this in-house as we are manufacturing for high volumes.


    We also tried using Linux instead but unfortunately have also encountered problems when we tried adding DMA capabilities to facilitate data pass-through from SHARC to ARM core. This is another topic for another focus forum so I won't go into detail here, but did you by chance get my message from Geneva? I outlined the problems we're experiencing in that message but happy to send it again if you could initiate a private message here.

    Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.


  • hi Yan, I will send you a dm to follow up on this privately.