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FreeRTOS LWIP connection is slow


    I'm an SC589, CCES 2.8.3,  FreeRTOS, LWIP add-in 2.6.0.

I manage to connect the system with Ethernet on TCP/IP protocol an the ARM core,

I force 100mB connection (I check from the computer and that is also the connection speed)

But When I send a large file about 621kb it takes more than 2 mintue for the proccesor to get all the data,

Why is the data transfer is thou low?

I give the task that reads the MAX priority.

I attach the Lwip buffers.

Add attach lwip buffers size.
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  • Hi, is there any update on this? I also see the similar kind of speed issues. Surprisingly if I start the application from the flash (.ldr), communication is super fast. Something strange happening when the application is started in CCES (2.9.2) with Emulator.

  • Hi, we are not aware of any issues with performance. We will take a look into this.

    One thing to check is that you have set up the debug session correctly for use with FreeRTOS.

    FreeRTOS uses the SWI interrupt, which is also used by the printf system. The debugger latches onto these SWI interrupts and looks for an IO message each time. The result is that it can considerably slow down the execution of applications under CCES.

    If you take a look at the FreeRTOS User Guide, section 3.1.4, this will explain how to disable the semihosting support.

    Please let us know if this makes a difference.



  • Hi Dave,

    Thanks a lot for the information. Disabling the semihosting solved my problem.