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New CCES projects with FreeRTOS, relative linking

Hi ADi Support, 

I have been experimenting with FreeRTOS on the ARM and Sharc cores of an SC589, and now need to create a new project including FreeRTOS for a Sharc core.

I followed the instructions found on this forum post:

However it seems these instructions are for adding FreeRTOS source files to the ARM core and not the Sharc, so some files are different. I tried just importing the files from the SHARC_215xx folder but the project was still missing many definitions. Can you provide a set of instructions for successfully adding FreeRTOS source files to a SHARC core project?

I noticed that the instructions in the above forum post created absolute links to a system directory. As this project will be hosted on a (private) git repo shared by a whole team, we will probably place a copy of FreeRTOS source on our repo also, but how would I go about creating relative links from our project to the FreeRTOS source?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.