FreeRTOS for 2136x?

I am working with ADSP-21363/4 DSPs.  I have been through the process of porting several company projects from VDK to Micrium uC/OS-III in order to work within CCES, and have support for older and newer DSPs.  Now, apparently ADI is no longer supporting the Micrium OS, so I am looking at porting our projects to FreeRTOS.  However, it appears that there is very limited support for ADI processors under FreeRTOS.  Is there any support for FreeRTOS with the ADSP-21363/4 DSPs, or are there any plans for future support?

Are there any other RTOS options that will support both older and newer DSP products?  I thought Micrium was the answer, because there was support for older products such as the 21363 and for newer products such as the SC573.

This constant shuffling and porting from RTOS to RTOS depending on the age of the ADI DSP is very frustrating.  The combination of VDSP and VDK was ideal, and provided a very feature rich development and debugging environment.  With each RTOS progression, features and process support are shrinking.

Just trying to find the most viable path forward.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Aug 6, 2020 8:36 AM

    Hi Ceger,

    apologies for the frustration that this has caused you with the RTOS changing.

    Analog Devices is now committed to providing FreeRTOS as the RTOS of choice for its DSP processors going forward. All new processors that we provide will be supported by the RTOS. FreeRTOS has many advantages over our historical offerings. Specifically it's free, and also is open source so it cannot be withdrawn in the manner of the Micrium products.

    Unfortunately, at this time we do not have an RTOS available for older processors and we are currently evaluating this situation.

    The ThreadX RTOS is available from ExpressLogic/Microsoft and supports older Blackfin and SHARC processors.