Debug tools for freertos?

We have during the last 10 years moved from VDSP++ and VDK via CCES+micrium to the current CCES+freertos setup.

The RTOSes themselves have their pros and cons but they all do their job.

The more troublesome part is the debug tools, with less tools being available in the dev environment for each step.

Using VDK and VSDP++ full system trace was available out of the box including interrupts, threads, semaphores and mutexes in realtime.

With CCES and micrium it is possible to halt the program and view the RTOS status window. This is helpful sometimes but a lot less than what was available before.

Switching from micrium to freertos leaves me with no os debug support whatsoever within CCES. 

There are 3rd party tools available like the percepio tracealyzer and the (free) segger systemview. Unfortunately systemview don't support realtime trace for blackfin due it not being support by JLINK. There are some 3rd party Eclipse freertos tools that may or may not work with CCES?

When developing complex realtime multithread applications on ICE-2000, CCES and Freertos on BF70x. Are there any recommended tools for trace and debug?