Problem in MCAPI with FreeRTOS on ADSP-SC589 Ezboard


We are trying to use MCAPI Add-in with FreeRTOS-v10.0.0 on ADSP-SC589 but we are facing some issues while initializing mcapi.

"adi_mcapi_Init()" gets failed each time. After some debugging, we got to know the exact point where the initialization of mcapi is getting failed.

In function "adi_osal_EventSet()" present in "adi_osal_freertos_event.c", the following condition get failed each time and results in ADI_OSAL_BAD_EVENT which further generates error MCAPI_ERR_GENERAL.

if(nEventFlags > EVENTFLAG_MAX_SIZE)

The above condition get failed because value of EVENTFLAG_MAX_SIZE is 0xFFFFFFu and value of "nEventFlags" is 0x7FFFFFFu. The "adi_osal_EventSet()" function is getting called from mcapi source code.

Can anyone  help us finding the root cause for this issue.??