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CCES 2.6.0 crash at debug start

Hi all,

I'm running CCES 2.6.0 from a Windows 8.1 Virtual Machine (VMware) and trying to debug ADSP-BF703 application on my custom target board thru ICE-1000 (v1.2) connected over J2 (10 pins connector).

Before starting the debug session I see green led lit up.

As soon as processor connection is established led changes color to magenta (i.e. ICE is operating in JTAG mode) then CCES crashes.

This behaviour is systematic.

I had a look at task manager and before starting debug session I can see CCES running as app.

As soon as CCES crashes I see that CCES app disappears and a CCES background process appears.

The only way to restart is to terminate this process that locks workspace.

1) Is it a know problem?

2) May it depend on VM?

Any help and suggestion is appreciated since I have urgent needs to debug the application!