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CCES 2.6.0 crash at debug start

Hi all,

I'm running CCES 2.6.0 from a Windows 8.1 Virtual Machine (VMware) and trying to debug ADSP-BF703 application on my custom target board thru ICE-1000 (v1.2) connected over J2 (10 pins connector).

Before starting the debug session I see green led lit up.

As soon as processor connection is established led changes color to magenta (i.e. ICE is operating in JTAG mode) then CCES crashes.

This behaviour is systematic.

I had a look at task manager and before starting debug session I can see CCES running as app.

As soon as CCES crashes I see that CCES app disappears and a CCES background process appears.

The only way to restart is to terminate this process that locks workspace.

1) Is it a know problem?

2) May it depend on VM?

Any help and suggestion is appreciated since I have urgent needs to debug the application!



  • Hi,

    We understand that you have already contacted our private support.  We are posting the response here for others to benefit:

    Unfortunately, running our tools onto a Virtual Machine is not officially supported.We only support the tools running on machine which use a native version of a supported operating system. However as we have not tested this configuration we cannot guarantee it's functionality.

    Can you please try with any other PC which is not a virtual machine and please let us know how you get on. If you are still facing issues, please answer the below questions so that we can assist:

    1) When trying to connect to your session, do you receive any error messages? If so, please send in details of these errors and if possible screenshots of them.

    2) Do you have any other emulators of the same type, which operates correctly with the same target board and PC?

    3) Can you please run the ICE test by following the procedure given in the below links and share us the screenshot of the error message that you are facing when running the ICE test.

    4) Please check that your emulator is installed properly by checking your computer's 'Device Manager'. You should find your emulator listed under 'Cross Core Development tools'. If listed, double-click on your emulator to show the driver properties and ensure there are no issues listed. If there are please take a note of them along with the driver version number installed and send these details to us.

    5) As you're using a custom board can you please confirm that it complies with the JTAG Technical Reference Guide EE-68, which is available online at the following location:

    6) If you have access to Ezkit can you try with Ezkit and see if you are able to connect session with the emulator in the same PC or in the PC with the supported operating system.

    Also please refer the below FAQ:
    FAQ: Reporting a Crash or Hang in CrossCore Embedded Studio

    It would also be useful if you could create a .zip file with the .metadata directory that's located in your work space directory and attach it to your e-mail.  The .metadata directory includes your work space preferences, launch configuration settings, and a log of what commands were executed during your debug session.
    If you have a project to reproduce the crash or hang, it would be helpful to include it in the e-mail as well.

    Please note that there is one multicolored LED located on the emulator. It is labeled Status.
    Green – Signifies that the ICE is powered, configured, and ready to invoke a CCES or VisualDSP++ session.
    Magenta – Signifies that the ICE is operating in JTAG mode. The LED will blink during USB activity between the host PC and the emulator.
    Cyan – Signifies that the ICE is operating in SWD mode. The LED will blink during USB activity between the host PC and the emulator.
    Yellow – Signifies that there is an issue with the EMU signal on the target board and therefore this signal will be ignored by the emulator.



  • I'm having the same problem with CCES2.9.4 and a native windows 10 machine. Device manager with the ICE2000 is fine. My board design is fine because it works on other people's computers. A co-worker had the same issue and he had to install a VM for windows 8 to get his setup working. 

  • Hi,

    We understand that you have already contacted our private support. Please continue the discussion there to avoid duplication of efforts.