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VisualDSP++ 4.5 version install


I have a question about version of VisualDSP ++.
Is it possible to install 4.5 version instead of 5.x latest version after license?

  • Hi,

    From VisualDSP++ 3.5 onwards our tools support discrete installs. This means that you can install multiple versions of VisualDSP++ on the same machine without any problems.

    All you have to do is to install VisualDSP++ 4.5 into separate folder,then validate your license with correct validation code.

    Please note that,From VisualDSP++ 5.0 onwards, license strings (and therefore validation codes) have changed in format.Consequently, when registering your serial number and host ID, two validation codes will be e-mailed to you.One is valid for VisualDSP++ 4.5 and earlier versions, and the other is valid for VisualDSP++ 5 and later versions.Ensure that you install the appropriate validation code for the version of VisualDSP++ you are using.

    Also please refer below FAQ:



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