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Receiver SPORT interrupt not observed

Category: Software
Product Number: SC594 ARM
Software Version: CCES 2.10.1

I am using SC594 processor in a custom platform. I am trying to run ADC-DAC pass through code in ARM. We are using PCG to generate clock for ADC, A2B, and SPORTS.

>>When the Clock is probed it is observed as expected

We are using SPORT 4A to receive data from ADC. We have configured DMA in Descriptor mode. I have taken these configurations in reference to the example given in BSP  of SC59x.

(Reference: C:\Analog Devices\EV-SC59x_EZ-KIT-Rel2.0.0\EV-SC59x_EZ-KIT\Examples\drivers\adc\Audio_Talkthrough_I2S\EV-SOMCRR-EZKIT\SC594\arm\AD_Talkthrough_I2S_SC594_Cortex_Core0)

Note:  I am using TDM instead of I2S

I have configured SPU Registers for SPORT 4A and configured the SPORT to receive a callback when XCOUNT reaches zero.

When I keep the breakpoint in callback function and run, the breakpoint never hits(Not getting receiver SPORT interrupt)

When I check the SPORT registers I am seeing as below


Can You Please guide me on what would have gone wrong here?