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about relict ADZS-218X-ICE-2.5V

I have several devices on an ADSP-2185M processor. The device that supplied us with these tools cannot be contacted.
But there is a need to copy and modify the software on the FLASH card of this device.
Requires a debugger EZ-ICE® Serial Emulator for ADSP-218x Processors (ADZS-218XISE2.5V).
Local dealers have not had such debuggers for a long time.
How can this issue be resolved? Can you publish the debugger schematic, its firmware?
After all, these processors are already outdated, and by publishing the debugger scheme you will not cause any commercial damage to the company.
On the other hand, this processor has a lot of potential and can be reused.
Moreover, the reuse of electronic components will protect our planet from unnecessary garbage.
p.s. sorry for my bad english..