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Permanent license expires

Hi Analog,

We bought a (single node) license for CCES, all works fine so far. But since a few days I get the message: "the subscription for the following license will expire soon".

Any idea if this is a problem? The license is "full, valid and permanent" but still it "expires", says the license manager...

Best regards,


  • Hi Marcel,

    The 'License expiring in xx days' appears is an indication of how long your subscription has left to run. A license subscription determines which product versions can be used with a license.Subscription period starts when a full license is activated, and ends one year from that date unless a maintenance license is purchase and activated, renewing the subscription period for a further year.A user may install new versions of their product, and updates to it, only if they have an active subscription.

    Please note you can continue to use CCES even after the subscription period has past(upto CCES 2.9.2), the only limitation is that you will be unable to use any updates.

    A subscription example: If a full license with a one year subscription interval is activated on Jan 1, 2020. This license can be used with products that have release dates up to and including Jan 1, 2021. To use new products with release dates beyond this date, the user needs to activate a new license. Note that you continue to use products that were released before the subscription ends even after the subscription itself has expired.

    However this does not mean that you can not use the License Serial number any more.In fact, it is a Permanent license.If you see any license expiration message,you may ignore the message and continue to use CCES.

    For more information about License Expiration and Subscription please refer the following FAQ:

    To renew a subscription, a maintenance license must be purchased and activated. Can you please contact your local ADI sales office or authorized distributor. To locate one, go to

    Also you can purchase the maintenance license from the below link:


  • Ah, indeed. Thanks for your answer!