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How can I include files from 1 core on another?

I have a multi-core project with core0, core1 and core2.

I have few c and h files that I use in core0 and core1.

How can I include those files without copying them to both cores folders?

  • Hi Michael,

    You can link the files in both the cores by using linked resource option without copying the source files.

    Can you please follow the below steps to create a linked resource with reference to a file/folder that is not contained by a project.

    1. Right click the folder in the project at where you have place the source files.
    2. Choose New > File from Template.
        The New File wizard appears.
    3. Click Advanced.
    4. Enable Link to file in the file system.
    5. Click Browse and select the file to link.
    6. Click Finish.
        The linked resource appears immediately in the navigation view.

    Please refer in CCES help page for more information:
    CrossCore® Embedded Studio 2.x.x > Integrated Development Environment > Managing CCES Projects > Managing Resources> Creating a Linked Resource