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Why is the ice-1000 emulator slow during debugging ?


I have set up the ice-1000 emulator in cross-core 2.9.1 to debug a sharc ADSP-21363 processor. Additionally I have some code that toggles a io pin every 10ms, thus generating a square wave of 20ms or 50Hz. The issue I am having is the following:

When the code is compiled with in release mode, the execution is representative of the code and I can observe a 50Hz waveform on the scope. 

When the code is compile in debug mode with breakpoints, the execution is heavily impacted, since I observe a 4Hz waveform at the output. 

Why does the emulator behave this way ? and what can be done to resolve it ? 


  • Hi,

    The most obvious difference between the two configurations is going to be the settings for the compiler.In the debug configuration, the compiler does not optimize the program, and it also produced debug directives that will allow you to have greater visibility into your program's behavior.In the release configuration the compiler will optimize the program.

    Also please note that "Debug" and "Release" simply name for different configurations of your project, allow you to individually set Compiler, Linker, Loader, etc, options differently based on your requirements. The defaults of Debug and Release differ in that Debug generates debug information and does not perform optimization, while the Release version does not generate debug information but does enable optimization.

    As the "release" build from within CCES automatically enables optimization, please ensure that optimization option is "Disable" in the below path of your project and try to flash.

    Project > Properties > C/C++ Build > Settings > Tool Settings > CrossCore Blackfin C/C++ Compiler > General > Enable optimization

    Note that having Optimization enabled for the Compiler can affect the presence/accuracy of Debug Information.

    We would really need an illustrative example to advise further. 


  • Hello Nishanthi, thank you for your detailed reply. 

    I have the code to replicate the problem but unfortunately I cannot provide design files publicly, would it be ok to share these with you privately?



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  • Hi,

    As you're unable to share your project setup on this forum, feel free to contact and share us your project, so that we may take a closer look at the problem.

    Please make sure to add the link of this Ezone thread while contacting private support.