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CCES Multi chip Chain Jtag settings


I have a custom PCB that uses  2 x DSP SC587  IC in a JTAG Chain

The CCES debugger fails on JTAG Loop check.

Do I need to tell the JTAG ICE 1000 that there are 2 ICs in the Chain? And How Do I do this?



  • Hi Brett,

    Targets with multiple processors of the same part are supported in CCES.

    Please refer in CCES help to add 2 processors in the JTAG chain
    CrossCore Embedded Studio x.x.x > Integrated Development Environment > Debugging Targets > Target Configurator > Platform Properties > Configuring a Platform

    Also,please refer the below link"Using CLDP to program two same processors on the same JTAG chain"

    As your target board contains Multi processors(2 x SC587  in single board) and JTAG designed as per the below linked manual.
    Please refer "Appendix B" and "Appendix D" to design the JTAG emulator pod interface for multiple DSP targets with/without a local boundary scan controller

    Please refer the below link which might be helpful to you:


  • Hi

    sorry its been a while. I am now ready to program the second SC589 in the Jtag. But CCES has the "Configurator" button greyed out.

    any Ideas to why?

  • Hi,

    As you initially mentioned that you are using custom PCB 2 x DSP SC587, but now you mentioned that you are programming SC589 in the Jtag, Please confirm which processor you are using and also let us whether it is custom board or EZ-kit board.

    When trying to connect to your session with single processor connection, do you receive any error messages? If so, please send in details of these errors and if possible screenshots of them.

    Please let us know the CCES version that you are using.Also share us the clear image of Multi-processors setup.

    Also, can you please share us the below details to assist you further.
    1.License.dat file from C:\ProgramData\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio
    2.Copy the license report in a notepad (CCES Help -> Manage Licenses -> Report) and send it to us.

    Please send the above mentioned details to our private support through the link below,as the support is limited here:

    Or you can email to Processor Tools Support through:

    Please make sure to add the link of this EZone thread while contacting private support.


  • Hi

     Yes we changed the Processor to SC589

    and on 2 Custom PCB

    Single Processor works fine

    I have not been able to setup the MultiProcessor as Yet as I was trying to but the "Configurator" is greyed out.

    I has sent the Licence file as requested


  • Hi,

    We seen that you have contacted our private support.Please continue the discussion there to avoid duplication of efforts. We will post the response here to others to benefit.