Executable name in external SDRAM memory


as soon as we activate usage of external SDRAM memory in our CCES project, it is used.

For now I'd like to prevent the automatic mapping of the __executable_name symbol into external SDRAM. Is there a way to prevent it, e.g. by explicitely mapping this symbol into internal L2 SRAM or L1 CODE?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Oct 4, 2019 1:38 PM over 1 year ago


    While the external memory is not enabled, EXECUTABLE_NAME will be mapped in to L2 memory section.After enabling the external memory, it will automatically map into SDRAM section (MEM_DMC_SDRAM_BANK0).

    You can force the '__executable_name' to be mapped into L1 or L2 memory sections by comment out the EXECUTABLE_NAME(__executable_name) line in SDRAM section(ex.MEM_DMC_SDRAM_BANK0) and add it to the L1 or L2 memory section as below.

    /*$VDSG<input-sections-L2_prio0>                       */
    /*$VDSG<input-sections-L2_prio0>                       */

    Any changes to the file made outside of a $VDSG section will be lost when it is regenerated.

    But in this case, even if you have forced to map the EXECUTABLE_NAME to be mapped in to L1/L2 section, mapping will be changed to SDRAM section, if the app.ldf regenerated by system.svc.

    So, you have to comment it out every time in the SDRAM section, if the app.ldf regenerated.