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Simulating ADSP-21479

I am trying to simulate an app on the ADSP-21479.

I don't need any real-time I/O so simulation is fine.

I have tried both CCES_runner and chipfactory.

Here are the outputs :

CCES_runner.exe --target "ChipFactory Simulator" --processor ADSP-21479 --platform "ADSP-21479 Functional-Sim" -v --core "0,app.dxe"
Logging level: Full log output
No load prerequisites found for core 0.

chipfactory -proc ADSP-21479 app.dxe
ERROR: Unknown target architecture 'ADSP-21479'.

Can anyone advise how to simulate the app ?

Thanks very much,


  • Hello,

    As per your request, we have attached the 21479 system xml files. Can you try replace it in the below directory and see if the issue still occurs.Before replacing take a backup copy of the old files.
    C:\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.8.3\System\ArchDef

    If you are still facing the same issues, Can you please check if you have set the CCES_HOME environment variable and make sure that it's set to the right installation of CCES?  e.g., as you are running CCES 2.8.3, the CCES_HOME environment variable should be set to the CCES 2.7.0 install directory.Please refer attached screenshot for reference.

    Can you please try uninstall and reinstall CCES 2.8.3 and let us know how you gets on.Also try running this example in any other PC and see if it works.

    If this doesn't help, please share us the screenshot of the command prompt after running CCES runner commands. Also please let us know if you are using CCES in virtual machine or native OS.

    Santha kumari.K

  • Thanks Santha,

    I did a full reinstall but there was no difference.

    It is a fully native WIndows 10.

    CCES_HOME="C:\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.8.3"

    I had a thought and tried running from C:\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.8.3. It works perfectly but not from any other folder.

    If we can't figure this out then no problem, I have a workaround now.

    Best regards,


  • Hi,

    CCES Runner can be run from any directory, but if it is running outside from CCES home directory,

    the command option --cceshome must be used to specify the location of CCES.

    You can use the below command line.
    CCES_runner.exe --cceshome "C:\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.8.3" --target "ADSP-214xx Family Simulator" --platform "ADSP-214xx Simulator" --processor ADSP-21479 --core "0,hw.dxe"

    Santha kumari.K

  • Unfortunately, that didn't work for me so I'll stick with my workaround.