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Stuck in Loop in the ADC DAC Playback Example with ADSP-SC584


I´m using ADZS-SC584-EZLITE Board with ICE-1000 and I wated to test the Dac with an Example-Project. I´m not sure which Version of the Playback-Project (ADSP-SC573 || ADSP-SC589) I should test.

I tried both Projects and changed the SoftConfig Source File for these Projects with the SoftConfig for SC-584. I commented out the Playback define (#define PLAYBACK) to run this Project in analog loop-Back. I connected the very left 4 Outputs with the 4 Inputs (INP1 to OUT1, INP2 to OUT2 etc.) like in the Readme.

When I step through the Code I noticed that I get stuck in the while-Loop with the ProcessBuffers()-Function. The AdcCounter and DacCounter stay both at 0.

Does anyone made the same experience with those Projects.

Which Project is the better choice for my Board (ADC DAC Playback SC-573, ADC DAC Playback SC-589, ASRC Playback SC-589).

Can someone help me please

If additional Information are needed than let me knnow.



It seems that the Callbackfunction of the DAC and ADC never get triggered to apply the GetDac and GetAdc Pointers with new values

have someone get confroned with the same issue.

I realy need help 



Additional Information
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