Displaying a subset of the Linux Add-In's Buildroot variables

With the Linux Add-In v1.2.0 for CCES, why is it that when I follow the Buildroot User Manual section 8.1. "make tips" to display its variables, I seem to get all the (21 MB of) variables, not just the BUSYBOX_%DEPENDENCIES ones, as the example shows.

It is possible to tweak the output using some variables:

 - VARS will limit the listing to variables which names match the specified make-pattern
For example:
 $ make -s printvars VARS=BUSYBOX_%DEPENDENCIES
 BUSYBOX_DEPENDENCIES=skeleton toolchain
 BUSYBOX_RDEPENDENCIES=ncurses util-linux

I copy-&-paste 'make -s printvars VARS=BUSYBOX_%DEPENDENCIES' directly from the Buildroot User Manual page into my development host's terminal. Is this a problem with the version of Buildroot that's included in the Linux Add-In for CCES v.1.2.0, or is it a problem with the Linux Add-In for CCES v.1.2.0, itself?

Correct URL to 'make tips' page in Buildroot User Manual.
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