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Is it possible to have VDSP AND CrossCore setup on the same PC


I would like to know if there is a way to setup VDSP and CrossCore on the same development PC ?

For now I tried and the result is a real disaster as my original VDSP setup is broken, all DXE can be load but after if I start them, the execution is stuck !

Any idea to, restore the VDSP setup (I already reinstall it without success) and/or the run both IDE on the same PC will be welcome.


  • Hi Alex,

    Yes, you can have both VDSP and CCES on the same PC.  If you think the VDSP installation is corrupted, you could run the 'Maintain this Installation" app (from start menu ... Analog Devices -> VisualDSP++ xx.x => Maintain this Installation) and then touch this installation.  It will perform a repair.  Hopefully this helps restore your VDSP++ installation.


  • Hi,

    thank you for your answer,

    finally I was able to use VDSP or CrossCore on the same PC without issue.

    As far as I know, it seems that I can use the same code base and build with the 2 IDE, even if they cannot be running at the same time... but it's not a big deal !

  • Hi Alex,

    Apologies for our delayed response

    You cannot build the same code base in two IDE as VisualDSP++ and Cross Core Embedded Studio have different project structures and formats, and VisualDSP++ projects are not acceptable to Cross Core Embedded Studio. Before rebuilding your application in Cross Core Embedded Studio, you must first create a new, Cross Core Embedded Studio-format project. Cross Core Embedded Studio can do this for you, using the Project Import Wizard.

    For more details please refer the below links:

    FAQ: Importing VisualDSP++ project files to Cross Core Embedded Studio

    Problems porting VisualDSP++ project to CCES

    Best Regards,


  • hi !

    project structures are different, but I can use the same source files.

    my question: are the generated libraries compatible ?

    my idea is to generate a specific lib and use it in both IDE's

    regards chris

  • Hi in fact I was able to make some progress .... And based on that I can give some fact & advice

    - porting VDSP code to CCES may require some code change (in my case mainly for interrupt management/registration)

    - generated lib are compatible

    - I was able to share the same code base (or working copy)

         - I used a #ifdef _CCES_ to customized my src code for CCES or VDSP

         - For VDSP I used to group all the build artifcat in an only one build folder (and the same for the intermediate), and      I was able to do the same with the CCES project so that I can automate the VDSP and CCES build and get        their different build artifact

    Hoping it can help.

  • Hi Alex,

    The ELF formats (*.DXE, *.OVL, *.SM, *.DLB, *.DOJ) used by Cross Core Embedded Studio differs significantly from the ELF format used by VisualDSP++, so ELF files produced using the VisualDSP++ tools are not compatible with Cross Core Embedded Studio. However, we provide an elf2elf utility which will convert VisualDSP++  ELF output files files to be compatible with CCES.

    For more details please refer the below :

    FAQ: Can I use VisualDSP++ ELF files in CrossCore Embedded Studio?

    Normally we suggest our customer to import VDSP projects to CCES project. See CCES help path>CrossCoreRegistered Embedded Studio 2.1.0 > Integrated Development Environment > Managing CCES Projects > Importing Resources > Import Wizard>Import Wizard - General, VisualDSP++ Project.



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