Porting ADSP-21469 VDK application to ADSP-SC573 µC/OS

I am contemplating porting my ADSP-21469 VDK application to ADSP-SC573 µC/OS.

The VDK application works, but it has a few drawbacks.
1) I have not succeeded transferring configuration data from desktop computer to the DSP. I could not get the USB working.

2) No software protection.

3) Parts of the ADSP-21469 EZ-KIT where not disclosed.

So I am thinking maybe the new ADSP-SC573 can solve my problems, the ARM processor should bring TCP/IP and there is hardware support for code encryption.

VDK is not supported on ADSP-SC573. I will have to use µC/OS. When I checked their website I found this! About μC/OS for Makers | Micrium. Very good news indeed! I can afford this prototype!

My questions: 

1) Will transferring parameters be simpler using TCP/IP and ARM?

2) Is the software protection thing mature and supported in libraries?

3) Are there non disclosed parts of the ADZS-SC573-EZLITE?

Any other thoughts?